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The Piñon tree is one of the most prominent trees in Northern New Mexico, contributing to the unique scent of "Taos Air". It has been used for generations in the creation of Botanicals. My products contain no fillers, containing 100% active ingredients that harness the power of nature to soothe and moisturize skin.

  • I recently visited Taos for the first time and I purchased one of your lip balms from a shop in Arroyo Seco. It was by far one of the best items I purchased during my trip. I gave one away as a gift and the receiver said he threw away all his other lip balms once he start using the one I purchased. I can’t wait to try some of your other products.

    Janetta Maxwell
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  • 'I saw you at the Farmer's Market in Los Alamos. I am so glad I tried your stuff! I love it!! The salve cleared up the eczema on my foot overnight! I can't wait for the body wash to come out!!!'

    Adrienne Orozco
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  • Hi There, I just want to thank you for creating a product that not only soothed my dried, cracked lips…within 12 hours they were healed. I can smile without being in pain again! We purchased Brenda’s Botanicals Peppermint Pinion Lip Balm from Sol Market last night.

    Geri Achapira
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100% natural products created using the Piñon Tree of New Mexico

Located in the Sangre De Cristo mountains of Northern New Mexico. Offering the finest quality piñon based products. Sharing traditions of the past.

  • Soaps

    Brenda's Botanicals soaps are made from the resin, also called trementina, of... 

  • Salves

    Brenda's Botanicals salves are made from the resin, also called trementina, of... 

  • Lip Balms

    Brenda's Botanicals lip balms are made from the resin, also called trementina, of... 

  • Body Oils

    Brenda's body oils are made from the  from the needles of the piñon tree,... 

  • Bath Salts

    An ultra-therapeutic bathing experience, inspired by the healing waters of the piñon tree.... 

  • Resin & Sage

    Piñon resin is not only aromatically fragrant, but has been widely used... 

  • Gift Sets

    Piñon is an ingredient that has been used for generations in Northern New... 

  • Body Mists

    Hydrosols are aromatic waters produced during steam distillation. Steam is used to... 

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